5 Tips for Getting on a College Basketball Team

February 23, 2018

5 Tips for Getting on a College Basketball Team


Not every high school player will be highly recruited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play in college. Here’s the bottom line, you MUST take responsibility for your exposure. Only top-line players will have coaches beating a path to their door. Other players need to do the reverse, beat a path to college doors. Here are five tips to help you achieve your goal. If they help, please share it with a teammate or friend!


1)     Research Every Small College Around Your Geographic Area.

Get online and search for every school with a team that you can think of that is within a reasonable distance from you. Look for the coaches contact information. Most head coaches are extremely busy and will be hard to reach. So, make sure you get contact info for all the assistant coaches as well. If they don’t have an email or cell available, look them up on social media.


2)     Introduce Yourself and Don’t Burden Them.

Coaches don’t want to be bombarded with 1,000 questions from somebody they don’t even know. Simply send them a message introducing yourself and request a meeting, most likely at an open gym when the coach will already be there. If they don’t respond to you, don’t take it personal. Coaches have a lot going on and they most likely forgot, especially if it is during season. Give it a little time and reach back out. Make sure you reaching to out to all coaches on the staff.


3)     Be Humble

Once you get the meeting, DO NOT BE AAROGANT! Don’t go in there asking for demands or telling them how good you are. Instead, think about it from the coach’s perspective and how you can help them. Let them know you want to be a great teammate and work hard. Ensure them you do not expect playing time, but you are prepared to work and earn everything. Tell them you will never complain.


4)     Understand What Coaches Want.

The most attractive thing about a player who is not a superstar is an excellent attitude. Your major selling points are not your skill level, it is the positive and hardworking attitude you will bring to the team. If you are not in high demand because of your talent, then be the best at the little things.


5)     It’s Your Responsibility

People will make you promises and tell you they will hook you up. Hopefully the will, but often they have better things to do than worry about someone else’s future. So, always be proactive. Reach out to as many people as you can. Never rest until your goal is accomplished and don’t rely on someone doing a favor for you.

REMEMBER: The only reason a coach will bring a non-highly recruited athlete onto their team is because they have a great attitude! Forget about your highlight tape.

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