5 Tips for Maximizing your Off-season!

February 23, 2018


5 Tips for Maximizing your Off-season – Youth Basketball


There are many different routes a kid can take with their off-season. The important part is that you have an end goal in mind and work backwards. For example, if you want to be a better long-range shooter, then playing a bunch of games will not help you. You need to organize your time. Here are 5 ways to get the best results from your off-season. If this is helpful, please share!


1. Develop a Plan

First you need to identify your goal. Do you want to become a better dribbler, passer, shooter? Do you want to be stronger, faster, quicker? Then create a workout routine to develop those specific skills. Update it every two weeks. A good baseline is 2 days of lifting and skill work then 1 day off. Repeat.


2. Use Online Resources

Most people can’t afford new equipment and expensive trainers. But, there is endless resources online that can help you develop your plan. YouTube has great tutorials for basketball and strength training. Experts are just a click away!


3. Get a Partner

Like the Bible says, two are better than one because if one man falls, there is someone there to pick them up! It’s easy to slack off when you aren’t held accountable.


4. Avoid Endless Playing

Lot’s of kids just want to go play pickup games. While playing is a great way to sharpen your ability, you will get more out of your time and energy if you focus on training specific skills. Do lots of drill work. A good ratio is 3:1. For every day you spend playing, you should spend three days in drill work.


5. Be Selfish

There will always be many things demanding your time. Therefore, you need to be selfish on your own behalf. Sacrifice some of your social life to focus on your goals. Friends will criticize you for not going out, but they will thank you later when you hit the game winner!

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