Tamron Manning: How Self Reflection Made Him a Top 5 Scorer Overseas

May 10, 2018

When I first met Tamron he was very fragile. If he made a bad play, Tamron would mentally crawl in a hole and hide. Even players on Asbury’s team were beating him in 1-on-1.




Tamron is a basketball phenomenon. A 6 ‘4  200lb point guard. He started for Marshall University. Then slowly, his productivity declined. He transferred Division-2 and ended up coming off the bench. Tamron only averaged 6 points per game!


We started training together the summer after he graduated. When I matched him up with other players for 1-on-1, I noticed how easily he gave up.


But, I wasn’t sure why.


Why was he being so passive? Why was he settling for jump shots instead of bullying to the basket?


After talking to him I realized that Tamron had a personal belief that wasn’t congruent with his abilities. He had no idea how good he actually was.




Whatever you believe about yourself to be true, is what you will find a way to become. He believed he was a low class player, so he behaved that way. Regardless of his ACTUAL ability, his mindset held him back.


Tamron started to ask himself questions. He couldn’t lie to himself anymore. Tamron knew that he was not playing up to his ability.


Tamron needed FREEDOM. He realized what was holding him back. He believed that mistakes were proof of his ineptitude. Once he let go of this belief, it was over. He started attacking people regardless of the last play.


He would miss shots, then turn around and hit five in a row. I saw a guy quit because Tamron hurt him so bad while driving to the rim!


Finally, he signed to play in Ireland's top league. He averaged over 20pts, top 5 in the league overall, 5 assists and 6 rebounds. A total monster.



All that changed in Tamron was his thought process. Most of our sessions consisted of more conversations than actual drills. He already had the skill, he needed the dog.

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